IceSL Downloads


The packages bellow contain both IceSL-forge and IceSL-slicer for Windows:

We have had reports of Windows Defender rejecting the download of the above installers. We have contacted Microsoft and this has been fixed. If you encounter any problem with downloading the file, please let us know.

The packages below contain IceSL-slicer for Linux*:

*Modeling on Linux: IceSL-slicer can load lua scripts as well, and constantly monitors changes to the script. Therefore, you can use your favorite editor to edit a script opened in slicer; the view will be immediately updated whenever the file is saved.

IceSL beta versions

Experiment with the latest features!

Beta versions are intended to experiment new features prior to release. Everything in beta is subject to change and new features may be unstable. Beta versions are released for 64 bits only.
2.2-beta includes deep changes to the engine. It should operate the same as 2.1.13, but if you find anything suspicious, such as differences in models, please let us know, that would likely be a bug!

IceSL 32 bits versions

In order to speed up updates to IceSL, we are officially dropping 32 bits installers from future releases of IceSL. If you *really* need a 32 bits build to run IceSL on your computer, we ask you to contact us (see main developers below).

IceSL older versions

Older versions are available from our archives:

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E-mail: Sylvain dot Lefebvre at inria dot fr

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